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"Brand is the story.
Design is the storytelling."

~Susan Sellers~

Let me introduce myself


I am a Graphic Designer in Southwestern Ontario, and I can honestly say I love what I do!

My career has gone from a factory art department dealing with NHL jerseys, to an agency setting, to my own 10 year long business, to promotional products and signage, and web design/ecommerce. My clientelle have ranged from small business to large corporations, not-for-profits to government, dealing with industries such as tourism and events, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, to name just a few.


This variety of work has given me a unique expertise in everything graphic design. I have the knowledge to help a company with a logo, create a corporate identity, business cards and signage, uniforms, promotional items, trade show, packaging, website design and social media. 

I love the problem solving aspect of graphic design, with some marketing thrown in. I thrive on the challenge of taking some bullet points and a rough overview and creating something beautiful. Client communication is important (people are so interesting). I have a talent for figuring out what people are envisioning, or helping them get a clearer vision, and delivering not only graphics but suggestions for marketing in print and online.

A little more

I have a love of art, with a passion for sketching people and painting with acrylics. I have two kids and am very familiar with hockey arenas and baseball fields. I love hiking, volleyball, outdoors in general.

Participating in my community has been important to me, volunteering, sitting on committees and executives such as Mount Forest Minor Ball Association, the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival, working with our local hospital Foundation and the local Big Brothers Big Sisters.


My work with the Township of Wellington North and The Mount Forest Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to have a hand in many local events, and to communicate with so many local businesses. There are many great networking events in Wellington North and beyond that I have had fun participating in. 

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